Our Philosophy

The Successful Investor Mindset Strategies

Successful Investors 

In all the years my team and I have been in the business of helping people manage their investments, we've noticed a pattern that differentiates between successful investors and the unsuccessful ones.  Successful investors have certain characteristics that set themselves apart from other investors.  Our team is committed to helping you become such an investor.  The two core tenets of the Successful Investor Mindset are "logic over emotion" and "structure over prediction."

Logic Over Emotion

The two emotions that prey on retail investors are greed and fear.  Greed sucks investors in at the top of the market, and fear spits them out at the bottom.  We help our clients be more consistent investors by reminding them not to act on these emotions and to remain disciplined investors.  

Structure Over Prediction

We contend that the world is too complex and confusing to predict the markets with any reasonable accuracy, so we rely on key structures that have helped our clients for decades.  The key strategies we recommend are diversification, balance, professional management, and periodic reviews.  The key characteristics we strive to instill in our clients through these strategies are patience, consistency, and discipline. 


The Advisory Process

Through advisory relationships, Robert and Noah act as fiduciaries on behalf of the client. In an effort to provide consistently caring service that is in the best interest of the client, they created the following process:

Advisor Process Chart. Part One: Initial Contact, Questionnaire Meeting, Deliver Financial Plan, Follow-Up Call, Client Agreement.  Part Two: Begin Implementation, Assets Invested, Regularly Scheduled Portfolio Reviews, Identify Financial Planning Issues or Necessary Changes, Create Recommendations,




Stifel Financial Corp.

Our firm, Stifel, has 130 years of success guided by their founding partners' defining principle – to “safeguard the money of others as if it were your own.”  Throughout the ups and downs of the market and amid a constantly changing industry, Stifel has upheld the values of their heritage.  And it's these values that have helped us build Stifel into one of the nation's premier wealth management and investment banking firms. 

Please visit www.stifel.com for more information.  


Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss in declining markets.