Our Mission

To fiercely advocate for the wealth of our clients and for using that wealth in seeking to elevate their relationships and experiences. We develop long-term client relationships that seek to deliver immense value through wealth management, tax-aware investment strategies, retirement analysis, philanthropic strategies, risk management, and more.
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The Successful Investor Mindset

Successful investors are built differently than those that are less successful.  They have certain characteristics regarding how they view and use money that makes them more disciplined, consistent, and patient.  We use these characteristics and other principles of behavioral finance in seeking to elevate the wealth management of our clients.

Our Services

High-level wealth deserves high-level planning.  In addition to a plethora of products and wealth management tools, our team focuses on six key services for high net-worth families and individuals.

Burns Insights

Our team is proud to personally write our quarterly newsletter.  We always begin the writing process with this question:  What do our clients need to hear right now?