“The Successful Investor Mindset”

Successful investors are built differently than those that are less successful.  They have certain characteristics regarding how they view and use money that makes them more disciplined, consistent, and patient.  We seek to use these characteristics and other principles of behavioral finances to help elevate the wealth management of our clients.

Logic Over Emotion

The two emotions that prey on retail investors are greed and fear.  Greed sucks investors in at the top of the market, and fear spits them out at the bottom.  Both damage your finances.  Our team seeks to connect you with your more logical selves to remain disciplined, long-term investors.

Structure Over Prediction

We contend that the world is too complex and confusing to predict the markets with any reasonable accuracy, so we rely on key structures that have helped many of our clients for decades.  These structures include diversification, balance, meaningful communication, fixed income distribution analysis, dollar-cost averaging, and more.

Diversification and dollar-cost averaging do not ensure a profit or protect against loss.  Investors should consider their ability to continue investing during periods of falling prices.

Our Core Value

We believe “life is about experiences and relationships.”   Our team advocates to use your wealth for the benefit of these key areas that bring joy and fulfillment to our clients.  If the math checks out, we actively encourage distributions for philanthropy, gifts, special occasions, big vacations, and other excellent uses of wealth.

The Value of Consistent Messaging

Knowledge is accretive, meaning you may only remember 10% of the information from our first meeting.  It’s hard to become an expert if the message is a moving target.  For decades, our message has remained consistent, which allows our clients to become masters of the “Successful Investor Mindset.”

Behavioral Finance

Like it or not, our psychological biases affect our financial and investment decisions. Our team believes that with regularly scheduled meaningful communication and a deep understanding of your family, its financial history, and your risk tolerances we can overcome the negative financial effects of these biases.